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Maintenance Service FREE 1,000 KM (600 MILES) MAINTENANCE SERVICE.

You are entitled to the Free 1,000 km (600 miles) Maintenance Service upon presentation of the Warranty Booklet to your Toyota dealer. This maintenance service shall be performed in accordance with your Owner’s Manual at no charge except for any lubricants, fluids or filters if used. First Free Service WHEN TO AVAIL YOUR FIRST FREE SERVICE (FFS)?


as soon as your ODO meter reading shows you have crossed 1000km, please call us for appointment or visit Toyota Township Motors.


It is advisable and highly recommended that you book an appointment with our Customer Relations Department. This would reserve your time slot and would save you the trouble of waiting for your turn when you arrive at the dealership. Warranty.

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Periodic Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance is an inspection service that is carried out at specification intervals of time.Due to severe driving conditions in the country, periodic mantinance is due at every 5000kjm or every 3 months.whichever comes first,Moreover, un diesel vehicles, engine oil is changed at every 2500 km.

Body Paint

Feeling down and out if your vehicle experienced a collision. Come and avail our Body and Paint services to make your vehicle just like new. With Toyota Body and Paint services availed you can be assured of getting your vehicle repaired quickly. You will be rewarded by trusting us when you give your car in good hands

General Maintenance

General car maintenance is an important part of your vehicle it is an integral part of your vehicle log time health

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